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Innovative food production starts here...

The Elizabeth Jane Bivins Culinary Center is a leader in food production facilities.  The state-of-the-art food production kitchen utilizes "cook-chill" technology. The EJB Culinary Center incorporates innovative food production and food delivery concepts that includes large cooking kettles, tumble chillers, a "cook/chill tank", filling (or pumping) station and advanced rethermalization technology.

The Elizabeth Jane Bivins Culinary Center promotes consistent recipes, high food quality, and produces products in a cost-effective manner. The innovative technology available at the Culinary Center ensures full compliance with federal and state guidelines to evaluate and control food safety.

Products and Services

  • Recipe Development
  • Existing Recipe Duplication
  • Centralized Product Production (i.e. meats, sauces, soups, etc...)
  • Custom Menu Development and Production

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